Start a Fund

We have great giving options. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Becoming a Foundation donor offers you an easy way to accomplish your charitable goals. You receive the simplicity and tax advantages of working with a public charity along with personal service, ease and flexibility. Creating your own named charitable fund isn't complicated. Your fund can provide ongoing aid for your favorite organizations or you can choose different nonprofit organizations to support each year during your lifetime. You can make your own choices as to causes and organizations, or take advantage of our staff's expertise to help you to address our area's most pressing challenges. You have the opportunity to distribute gifts during your lifetime or to leave a lasting legacy — or to do both! We're here to help with all aspects of your charitable giving.

Let’s begin!

  1. You make a gift to your community foundation to create a fund (cash, appreciated stock or other assets), with certain minimum requirements depending on fund type.
  2. You can endow the fund immediately or build a fund over up to five years; you can add to your fund any time; others can also contribute to it.
  3. We set up the special permanent fund in the name that you recommend (your own, that of your family or business, in honor or in memory of someone you choose).
  4. You receive tax benefits whenever you make gifts to the fund.
  5. Based on the type of fund, you can stay involved in the good works that your gift makes possible if you like, or you can recommend an area or organization for your gift to support and direct the Foundation to aid it in your name. Our experienced program staff can help by identifying our area’s greatest needs for your consideration. We welcome whatever level of involvement you wish (with certain IRS restrictions on scholarship recipient selection), it’s up to you!
  6. We issue grants in your fund’s name (or anoymously, if you prefer); it’s up to you!
  7. We handle administrative, tax and recordkeeping details; you have the joy of knowing that your gift is doing wonderful things.
  8. Your gift becomes part of an endowment that is invested over time and its earnings supply grants to address community needs. Your gift is a permanent source of community capital to do good work forever --- or, your gift can be made part of a donor-advised fund, giving access to the principal for grants and making immediate scale impact. It's up to you!

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There is so much more we’d like you to know. For more information and ideas on ways to integrate your financial planning with charitable giving, we suggest that you consult your personal professional financial advisor or contact our Executive Director at or 304.428.4438 (toll free 1.866.428.4438).